Bubble and Squeak

Etude for Singer, Computer, Video Camera and Microphone.

Peter Reid

Performance Score

This document is a simplified score for use in a live performance of this piece. The full performance instructions should be consulted to learn the piece but contain more information than is needed in a concert.


Hold each note between about two and five seconds. Pause on rests. Hold last note for a long time.

Suggested note sequence

Suggested note sequence


Make starting sound, pop bubbles, imitate, repeat choose a good moment to finish. The starting sound for each game is as follows.

  1. Glissando - tonic to dominant / dominant to tonic.
  2. Vowels: 'a e i o u' / 'u o i e a'
  3. Consonants: 'b t f g d' / 'd g f t b'
  4. Unvoiced whoosh sound - 'whuooeesh' / 'sshheeoouw'


Repeat word and crescendo until the first bubble bursts. When all bubbles are burst, move onto the next word. When all the words have been said shout a happy sound like 'hey' or 'yeah'.

The words for each section are as follows.

  1. kitty (unvoiced)
  2. chica (unvoiced)
  3. digga
  4. bogga
  5. kitty-chica-digga-bogga
  6. hey/yeah!

Copyright ©2006 Peter Reid