Prelude and Games for Bubble and Squeak Interface

Etude for Computer with Video Camera and Microphone

Bubble and Squeak

Bubble and Squeak was conceived as an interactive multimedia installation for open ended sound and movement play. It also offers some interesting possibilities as a musical instrument. It can be used as a granulator, where fragments of the sound are recorded then later played back, or its unpredictable nature can be used to direct the course of a piece. The prelude uses Bubble and Squeak in the former capacity while the games explore the possibilities of the latter. The piece is performed with a projector so the audience can watch the movement of bubbles on the screen providing food for their visual as well as auditory sense.


In the prelude, the Bubble and Squeak System is used to enhance the sound of a solo vocalist. Long slow broken chords are sung creating clouds of harmonious bubbles that then either fall to the bottom of the screen and release their sound or can be popped by the arms of the performer. The sounds are then sent to a reverberation, granulation and feedback network creating a rich sonic texture.


The games use the unpredictable nature of bubble and squeak to provide material for the performance. The singer starts off by singing a slow glissando, then the resulting bubbles are burst in an unpredictable order producing a melody that the performer must do their best to imitate. This results in another unpredictable melody which the performer must again imitate until the performer decides that the end point has been reached. Alternative starting sounds are specified including a range of vowels, consonants, and other sounds. The piece tests the performers skill at imitation.